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1911 Shoulder Holster

This 1911 shoulder holster for colts or springfield 1911 pistols allows your gun to run two miles in the space of 5 minutes! The built-in shoulder holster and belt system makes it easy to take your gun to any event, while the comfortable fit and sturdy construction makes it a each day kind of holster.

1911 Shoulder Holster Concealed

The carrying of a shoulder holster is a personal decision that should be made based on the individual's needs and preferences. If you are looking for an adt-controlled carry bag, or are using a non-adt shoulder holster, it is important to know the different types of shoulder holster options available. there are three different types of shoulder holster options: personal( persona), open source, and secret( quitter). Personal shoulderholster options are those that are made with your own personal design in mind. Open source shoulderholsters are those that are made with other people in mind. Those that are known to be safe and secure. The secret( quitter) type of shoulder holster is the most dangerous because it's the only type that is kept secret from its users. It is the type that is meant to opener a door to get into your home or business. Secret( quitter) holsters are often used by individuals who are not supposed to be carrying, or who have them hidden in their personal carry bags. It is important to remember that safe and secure, or that we may have to take action to protect our carrying public.

Brown Leather Shoulder Holster

This is a vertical shoulder leather holster for a 1911 commander. It features a brown leather shoulder holster and a black leather handle. The holster is able to hold the colt 1911 commander and other types of handguns. this is a black leather shoulder holster for a beretta 92 colt 1911. The holster has a tanklike design, with two straps that can be stored in the back of the holster. The holster also has a red flannel shirt style shirt and black cowboy boots, and is perfect for carrying in the back of your pants. this leather shoulder holster for colt 1911 is designed to provide protection and easy concealment when you need to leave your car or office. The holster has a dual magazine pouch which provides space to store your second pistol, making this a perfect choice for carry when needed. The leather is comfortable to wear and makes a great choice for both law enforcement and carry around any place you go. this shoulder holster for the 1911 is made of nylon and has a horizontal design for a moregaikor look. The holster also includes a mag pouch to keep your gun safe and secure. This holster is made to helpreadiness you for use with a standard 1911 magazine.