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Beretta 96 Shoulder Holster

The Beretta 96 shoulder holster is a top-of-the-line solution for any gun owner, it offers protection and an effortless to operate and comfortable carry bag. The holster also features an 96 shoulder section and an 96 fs to allow for basic feeding of the gun, the holster is black finish with an 96 shoulder section and 96 fs.

- Beretta 92 / 92f / 92fs / 96 (# 9092 Blk )

Leather Shoulder Holster - BERETTA

By Master's Premium Leather


For Beretta 92, 96 & Px4 Storm With Laser

Horizontal Shoulder hand Gun Holster

By Pro-Tech Outdoors


Vertical Carry

Beretta 92, 96 & M9



Shoulder Holster For Beretta 92fs

This shoulder holster for Beretta 92 fs is designed to hold an adjustable vertical pistol holster, a double magazine pouch, and any other required items for the carry of a pistols, this holster can be customized to tailor your specific needs. Leather shoulder holster is manufactured to carry with you everywhere you go, it is facile to put on and take off, and it comes with a warranty, the b804-92 f is a vertical shoulder holster made from black leather. It imparts a small logo on the front and back, the holster provides a small hole in the front for an and imparts a small clip on the front. The sunset black color is top-of-the-heap for game seen, the holster also provides a small clip on the back for an ak. The holster is conjointly compact, being only 4" long and 1/2" wide, the Beretta 92 leather shoulder holster is an unrivaled solution for an individual hunting for a powerful and comfortable holster. It grants an adjustable location for a comfortable fit, an ammo pouch for holding ammunition, and a day/night time carry option, the Beretta 92 leather shoulder holster is manufactured of durable leather and offers a variety of colors and styles to suit every need. The tagua premium leather shoulder holster rig is a sensational surrogate to protect your firearms when you go out on a go-round, made from the best leather in the world, this rig presents two zippered compartments for your guns, as well as a built-in shoulder holster and a built-in the info is easily accessible, and it's always handy to have a knife with you when you need it.