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Bianchi Shoulder Holster

This holster is made with leather and just completeding of strap. It has a 441 rating and is made with research and development in singlehyde. This holster is so you can use it and not have to change anything every time you start up your rifle.

Bianchi  X15  Holster

Bianchi X15 Holster

By Bianchi


Bianchi Shoulder Holsters

If you're looking for a quality shoulder holster that will keep your gun safe and safe, then check out the bianchai holsters. They've got a variety of holsters available, all of which are made to protect your gun. And each holster is made to order, so please let me know if you have any questions. the bianchai holster line is focused on making a quality holster for your gun, and we mean that in the most the way possible. Our holsters are made in the usa, and our team is passionate about making you one of our customers. we have a wide variety of holsters available, so please let us know if you need any help finding the perfect one. Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any holsters concerns. Bianchai is the holster for you!

Bianchi 1911 Shoulder Holster

This bianchi 1911 shoulder holster is perfect for those who want to carry their gun shrouded in quality and style, the bianchi x15h shoulder holster is perfect for any glock 21 or 22. The size is size tan right, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to carry their gun out in the open. this bianchi leather shoulder holster is perfect for the protection of your gun. It is a scionhard, navy blue leather holster with an orange bianchi logo. The holster has an 13 scorpion sw 39 59 639 5906 suede lined brown leather holster design. This bianchi holster is perfect for those who want to protect their firearms. this bianchi x15 shoulder holster is made of durable leather and is designed to keep your shoulder holster with you when you're not wearing it. The holster has an easy-to-use catch and is made of sturdy metal for added stability. the bianchi shoulder holster is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and comfortable way to keep their weapon while carrying. The holster features a sturdy build and an innovative design which makes it easy to use and feel comfortable.