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Bianchi X2100 Shoulder Holster

The shoulder holster is an enticing solution for enthusiasts who itch for the convenience of a bag-and-gun holster, but the added protection of a bag-and-gun holster, this holster comes with a built-in 6-pack of. 357 recoil springs, making it adjustable to your needs, the also grants a built-in back strap for uncomplicated attaching to your shoulder.

W/ Straps For 38/357

Best Bianchi X2100 Shoulder Holster

The x-2100 phantom rh shoulder holster is a top-of-the-heap solution for individuals who crave to protect their investment, this holster comes with a top-grade look and feel to it, making it a sterling way for lovers who are searching for a high-quality shoulder holster. This nice used x-2100 phantom sw, 44 right hand shoulder holster. 38, is a fantastic way for the protection of your comfortable life. This holster is manufactured of durable materials, making it reliable and sturdy, the holster gives a stylish design, making it unique and appeal to the market. This holster also comes with a case, for your convenience, this is a sensational gun holster for the vintage pistol. It features a digital watch in watch form and an 2100 rice bowl pattern on the leather, it is additionally possible to wear phantom leather shoulder holster is with any type of shirt. This is a comfortable and stylish holster that is superb for who need to keep their firearms close at hand, this is a peerless vintage leather shoulder holster. It provides a phantom style blade on the side and is fabricated of durable leather.