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Blackhawk Horizontal Shoulder Holster

This is a horizontally designed shoulder holster for the black hawk gi, it comes in a large size. It is fabricated of nylon and provides a built-in mag well, it is free shipping on orders over $75.

horizontal shoulder holster

horizontal shoulder holster



Blackhawk Nylon Shoulder Holster

The Blackhawk nylon shoulder holster is practical for suitors who itch for a sturdy and durable holster, this holster comes with an 40 bk-md gun, making it a top-notch substitute for an individual searching for a hard-to-find holster. The Blackhawk 40 bk Horizontal shoulder holster is an outstanding solution for people with large autos, with four adjustable straps, it can be taken on or off your shoulder to keep you and carrying your equipment safe and sound. The Blackhawk brand is a historic brand name in the industry, and the 40 bk is an unrivaled example of what is available, this holster is manufactured of durable plastic and stainless steel, both of which make it a sure addition to your collection. The Blackhawk Horizontal shoulder holster is a sterling substitute to protect your shoulder from prying eyes and other criminals, this holster comes with a protection for your shoulder that is manufactured using durable metal materials. This holster also includes a comfortable fit and the ability to wear the holster all day long, this holster is for the Blackhawk Horizontal shoulder holster. It is an ambi holster that presents a Horizontal shoulder holster, the Blackhawk is the name of the belt made from cloth and metal that the helicopter team wear. The belt is fabricated of durable materials that will never let you down.