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Desert Eagle Shoulder Holster

Desert Eagle holster is a first-rate surrogate to keep your pistol safe and secure in a shoulder holster, the style and design, the Desert Eagle holster is a top surrogate for someone wanting for protection and security.

Vertical - Black (# 9900l Blk)
For Desert Eagle Fits All Calibres With 6
desert eagle leather holster
Fits For Desert Eagle
& Magaxine Pouch Fits Desert Eagle 44

Gould & Goodrick Leather Shoulder

By Gould & Goodrich


Fits For Desert Eagle ( 6
#1235# Rh

Fits Baby Desert Eagle II

By Handmade


For Six Inch Barrels

Desert Eagle 50 Cal Shoulder Holster

The Desert Eagle 50 cal shoulder holster is a top solution for any Desert Eagle firearm, it is manufactured from durable materials and imparts design to ensure an unequaled fit. The holster also includes a built-in mag well and a comfortable fit, this Desert Eagle holster is manufactured of cordura and presents a nimbus logo on the front and back. It is additionally custom made for the individual user to personalize, this holster also comes with a quick- grieving system which makes it straightforward to lose your weapon. The Desert Eagle holster is an unrivaled surrogate for you! It's stylish and stylishly designed with a black leather and ammo pouch, it comes with an excellent rate of duty and is sensational for carrying your ammo or your surrogate of handgun. This holster is conjointly very comfortable to wear and provides good protection for your money, if you're hunting for a lower-cost shoulder holster that you can trust, the Desert Eagle holster is a top way to consider. This product is a shoulder holster for the Desert Eagle 6 bbl shoulders, it fits all calibers and systems.