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Doc Holliday Shoulder Holster Rig

This Doc Holliday shoulder holster Rig is manufactured to order and is top-rated for the cowboy action, it is a comfortable, stylish and strong holster that holds your gun securely.

Doc Holliday Shoulder Holster Rig Amazon

The Doc Holliday shoulder holster is a first-rate surrogate to look your best no matter where you go, with a stylish, minimalist design, Doc Holliday shoulder holster provides plenty of space to carry your gun or knife. Plus, the natural-grain fabric will never show any wear and tear, the Doc Holliday shoulder holster Rig is a first rate surrogate for the cowboy action. With its comfortable fit and high-quality materials, the Holliday shoulder holster Rig is sure to make a statement, with its dark brown and black color scheme, this Doc Holliday shoulder holster Rig is produced for the cowboy action shooter. It is a first-class alternative for lovers who desire to take on the world, this Rig is fabricated with a comfortable, spacious design in order to carry their gear with ease. The built-in holster features a comfortable, nitrile handle and a deep v-shaped notepad clip, this holster is enticing for the individual who wants an enticing fit and convenience when carrying their gear. The holster is fabricated from the holliday's own "tahari" leather and is with quality and craftsmanship that is second to none, the Holliday is proud to be able to produce Doc Holliday tombstone shoulder holster is in only the best materials and using the latest in techniques.