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Doc Holliday Shoulder Holster

Doc holliday's tombstone shoulder holster is outstanding for the cowboy who wants a safe and secure surrogate to carry his holster, the holster offers a satin nickel finish and is produced to order in the usa. The cowboy is your answer to dependable and safe carry for the outdoor lover, with this holster, you can be sure you're getting a quality product at a reasonable price.

Single Action Shoulder Holster

The Doc Holliday shoulder holster rig custom made cowboy action is an exceptional substitute for people who ache for a stylish and strong holster that will keep your gun safe and convenient, the riga-made holster is manufactured with a water-resistant fabric that is designed to provide superior comfort and security. If you're wanting for a high-quality and affordable shoulder holster, then we at Doc Holliday tombstone should be your go-to company, our holster products are made with care to ensure that your security is protected at all times. With our large selection of options, it can be effortless to find a sterling piece of gear for your needs, from cowboy accessories to full-time carry tools, we have you covered. So come on over and check us out today! Our western style shoulder holster is produced to order a cowboy action holster, it features Holliday shoulder holster with a red and green "western" flag logo. The holster is fabricated out of materials that are made to order and is manufactured to provide satisfaction, it is fabricated out of materials that are made to order and is produced to provide satisfaction. The shoulder holster for a single action revolver uses the same materials and techniques used for holding the gun other than in the form of a belt, style leather and gives a Doc Holliday style skull tooled holster. The belt-style holster would not work with a single action revolver, this is because the belt would not fit the gun and would have been made to suit the gun but didn't have the padding that is found in a single action revolver.