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Double Shoulder Holster Costume

Looking for a stylish and concealable gun carry case? look no further than the double shoulder holster from the steampunk tactical pistol. This case includes a comfortable straps for your gun and contents is built to protect your bag and person. The holster also comes with a pouch for your firearm which makes for easymuzzle tagging or slingloading.

Cheap Double Shoulder Holster Costume

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Best Double Shoulder Holster Costume

This double shoulder holster is a great way to protect your whole shoulder fromiameter and. It is also perfect for wearing out in the world with you. this double shoulder holster for a pistol is perfect for gun holders who love to shoot their guns. The belt has two flintlocks so you can hold your pistol in any way you like. The belt is also universal for pistol guns and is perfect for wearing with a belt or pants. this double shoulder holster costume is a great option if you want a stylish and functional holster. The case is made of "vintage leather" which is high quality and looks great. The pocket on the back is for a phone or other equipment, making it a perfect way to keep your gear together and looking "vintage" also means "complicated. You can actually see the innerside of the pocket is "vintage" because the leather is so smooth, although it is not really "vintage" in the sense of being made of "gorgeous fabric" like some other holsters. The pocket is also small, so it is not really necessary and can be easily filled with a small amount of clothes. However, it is a "vintage" holster all the same. this steampunk medieval case for your phone is always a favorite! It has two pockets on the front and back, perfect for keeping your wallet, phone and other supplies close at hand. The case is also machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant.