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East German Makarov Shoulder Holster

The East German holster is a practical alternative to protect your carry gun while on the go, this holster is fabricated of durable materials and comes with a practical design. It is exquisite for the cz 50 70 or.

Cheap East German Makarov Shoulder Holster

This East German holster is produced of plastic and metal, it presents a comfortable grip and is produced for the cz-50 and pp-babadl rifles. The holster also includes an adjustable shoulder band and ato- 503 x39 m sights, this vintage East German shoulder holster is a first rate addition to your firearm. It is in outstanding condition and features a tan leather finish, this holster also comes with a mag pocket and pouch. This holster is first-class for a safe and secure carryout or style the East German shoulder holster is fabricated of leather and imparts a small hole in the shoulder for carrying your gun with the holster also includes a bag for your gun and a small pouch for your bullets, this holster is a sensational feature for carrying your gun in the off-chance that you might need to conceal it while on the job. This is a vintage holster for the East German military, it is a clip pouches only and comes with a pouch for a gun. The holster is in first-class condition with only a few small flaws, it is would make a fantastic addition to your military equipment.