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Galco Lite Shoulder Holster

The galco classic lite is our new rh natural tan shoulder system. It's a great option for those with glock 17192223 handguns. It comes with a 2. 0" circumference around the front and back of the gun, making it more comfortable to wear. It's also backed by the galco lifetime guarantee.

Galco Shoulder Holster Glock 19

There is no need to worry about getting a simple shoulder holster for your glock 19. We have the perfect shoulder holster for you that will make your gun look and feel like a top. our glock 19 shoulder holster will keep your gun looking in perfect condition, while beingobi-strational for kept in your pocket. arx-11 www. Themagazine group the magazine group is the ultimate destination shoulderholster. Info magazine sales and support. We have the latest and most interesting articles from around the web, plus images and videos from the latest issues. if you're looking for a way to keep your gun in your pocket, or to take your gun to the next level, then look no further than the arx-11.

Galco Shoulder Holster Glock 43

The galco shoulder holster for the glock 17 45 19x 23 right cl2-224 is designed to fit your gun well. It is made of durable materials that will not allow your gun to feel heavy in your shoulder. The shoulder holster also has a comfortable fit and the ability to store your gun in the back of the holster. This holster is perfect for those who want to take their gun and their comfortable. the galco classic lite shoulder holster system is a great way to ensure your gun is protected at all times. This system includes a natural shoulder holster and a mp shield that protect your gun from falls, gunshots and other injuries. The system is easy to use and requires no programming, so it's perfect for anyone. this galco shoulder holster for the glock 26 is a great option if you're looking for a small, simple design that will help keep your gun safe and secure. The belt holster is also adjustable to fit any size body, making it perfect for all kinds of users. the galco lite shoulder holster for the glock 19 is designed to provide better fit and superior security. This holster comes with our galco classic movie script handle and comfortable shoulder strap.