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Galco Shoulder Holsters

The galco shoulder holsters are designed with a light, comfortable fit and great system within the price range that most consider easy to use. The natural tan color is popular among these firearms and is sure to look good with any wardrobe. The shoulder system is also comfortable for either hand and can be easily adjusted for a variety of shots.

Galco Shoulder Holster

Introducing the galco shoulder holster, which is perfect for carrying on the go. This holster comes with a comfortable, comfortable fit and easy-to-use controls. The holster also has a built-in safe and easy-to-use release. the galco shoulder holster is designed with a number of features in mind, such as easy control over where and how your gun goes into the holster, clear markings on the side of the holster, and a strong adhesive system. if you're looking for a comfortable, perfect carrying solution, the galco shoulder holster is your perfect choice.

Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster

The galco vertical handgun holster is the perfect solution for your glock 43 43x 48 right cl2 800. It provides great comfort and security while carrying, and is also easy to close and release systems. this product is a shoulder holster for the galco miami should be used in the ambidextrous 4 packscrewb design. The package comes with three brown shoulder holster materials. The shoulder holster offers four color options: red, green, black, and white. The shoulder holster has brass screw tips and is left-to-right biased. The package also includes two sets of brown shoulder holster screws: a left-to-right biased set and a set with brass screw tips. the miami classic shouldered holster is a great choice for the protection of your shoulder. This holster offers you full-auto capability with a belt holster. Thebreed has research and developed this holster to provide comfort and security for your arm. The holster is made of premium leather and features aspouseted spider logo. This holster is available in black and features a spider on the shoulder hanger. the galco package jtdh tie down shoulder system is designed to make your job easier and keep you looking safe. This system includes a built-in shoulder holster and an ambidextrous natural single tool. Simply give the t-shirt an easy open and you're good to go.