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James Bond Shoulder Holster

This holster is for the james bond sean connery shoulder holster. It is a good quality, brown beige cowhide. It is made from a good quality, made-to-order-kings leather. It is a great addition to any jacket or jacketed jacket.

Bond Shoulder Holster

The bond shoulder holster is an impressive piece of gear when it comes to fit and functionality. It is sure to help keep your carry options open while you are out on the job.

Best James Bond Shoulder Holster

This set of 16 black shoulder holster gun for police killer agent phicen hot toys usa is the perfect way to keep your wealth and power at your fingertips. With this set, you'll gains a lot ofmuslim bonds with james bond. not only will your friends and family enjoy your james bond style holster, but you'll be able to carry your guns like a pro! This 16 black shoulder holster has two pistols integrated into the design - making it perfect for a 12 male figure doll. Plus, the built-in pistols make it easy to control, and the black color is perfect for any james bond look. this james bond shoulder holster for a 12 male figure doll has two pistols, perfect for carrying in your pocket. The holster is made of durable materials and will keep your pistol safe and secure. this is a 16-scale black shoulder holster from the black series of mg toys. It's for the agent hot toy incarnate, and comes with a set of two holster pads. It's made of durable materials, and will help keep your shoulder hair free from fall and grope.