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P64 Shoulder Holster

This is a first-rate suede leather shoulder holster for the p-64, this holster grants two mags on it, which makes it unequaled for an expanded toy-like collection. The double mags allow for retention and this holster is additionally careful of your waist, as well as your comfort level.

Cheap P64 Shoulder Holster

This is an original shoulder holster for the it renders some use but is still in peerless condition, it would make for a sensational addition to your holster collection. This shoulder holster is produced of leather and features a polishing finish, it is designed to keep your p-64 safe and sound. This model extends a horizontal shoulder holster design that lays flat on your body and offers a comfortable hold, the belt attachment system ensures nothing comes in contact with your costly weapon. This holster also comes with a built-in 2-1-1 sights, making it unequaled for use with a lens, this shoulder holster for the polish p-64 features a leather design with a horizontal shoulder holster pocket. The case features two magazine cases and protects the weapon while in use, this case is recommended for use with all types of guns. The shoulder holster for the p-64 is designed to protect your shoulder and provide facile access to your weapon, this holster comes with a single magazine carrier that fits most firearms. The shoulder holster is basic to adjust and fits most firearms, making it an exceptional alternative for people seeking to carry their weapon.