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Para Ordnance P10 Vertical Shoulder Holsters

At Para ordnance, we understand that including a Vertical holster for a shoulder bag is an important part of the overall look of your gun, our Para Ordnance email announcements, we share the latest trends and innovations in holster right hand shoulder rig vertical. Whether you’re carrying your gun firepower right on your shoulder or simply need holster for work, we’ve got you covered.

Cheap Para Ordnance P10 Vertical Shoulder Holsters

The Para Ordnance P10 holster is a splendid alternative for somebody wanting for a Vertical shoulder holster, this holster offers enticing features and quality at a terrific price. The holster imparts two o-macs on the sides of your gun which give you full access to all of your ammo, additionally, there is a built-in holster for your gun and yourself. This holster is sure to provide protection and convenience in the open world of military life, the Para P10 leather gun holster is a fantastic design for right-hand shoulder carry with an updated design that attaches to the shoulder blade like systems. This holster offers all the benefits of the Para P10 with a modern look and feel, with a Vertical shoulder holster, you can easily keep your gun in your left hand and use it for other purposes as well. This holster comes with a comfortable fit, and offers your carry area plenty of room to grow, the lit up light on the side of the holster makes adding a bit of light to your loadout was a breeze. The new Para P10 leather gun holster is an unrivaled solution for admirers who covet the convenience of a Vertical holster while enjoying the comfort of a hand-sewn holster, this holster comes with a built-in 3-position shoulder rig, making it a fantastic way for both left hand and right hand carry. The sleek design is sure to get the job done, and those who like to take their time when picking a holster will want to try the Para P10 out for real.