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Ruger Gp100 Shoulder Holster

The ruger gp 100 4shoulder holster with dual speed loader right hand has your favorite gun within easy reach. Made from durable materials, this holster is designed to keep your gun safe and secure.

Gp100 Shoulder Holster

The gp100 is a world-class pistol that offers quality in performance and quality in design. Its shoulder holster is your perfect way to protect your pistol from lose or lose your pocket. unclesoft'sgp100wa.

Shoulder Holster Ruger Gp100

This shoulder holster for the ruger gp 100 is designed to keep your gun safely tucked in your waistband. The holster comes with a standard-sized pocket and a spacious, custom-made pocket for storing your gun's paperwork. This pocketgp100 holster is also comfortable to wear, making it a great choice for busy cities or anywhere where being able to keep your gun in your pocket is important. the ruger gp100 shoulder holster is a high-quality holster designed to protect your carry gear. The holster has two zippered compartments for your ammo pouch and tools, and offers an also for wearing as a shoulder holster. The gp100 ismade from durable leather and overall quality isoursite. this ruger gp 100 shoulder holster comes with a dual speed loader right-handed design. The holster allows for 4 positions while walking or sitting, making it the perfect choice for anyone. this ruger gp100 shoulder holster is perfect for your ruger gp100 6 shot. It has a comfortable, haven't had to worry about your shoulder since it's included. You can trust that your ruger gp100 6 shot is protected and you'll never have to worry about it again.