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Shoulder Holster 44 Magnum

Looking for a shoulder holster for your taurus 44 magnum? Look no more than our available shoulder holster for the magnum, our holster provides a vertical carry way for your weapon, making it effortless to do so. One our it's included is a comfortable.

For Ruger Redhawk Standard Barrel 44 Magnum 5.50

Shoulder Holster for Ruger Redhawk

By Masc Holster


For Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum/ 454 Casull 2.25
& Magaxine Pouch Fits Desert Eagle 44

Gould & Goodrick Leather Shoulder

By Gould & Goodrich


With Ammo Loops. Made In Usa

Taurus 44 Magnum 2" |



Crossdraw shoulder holster, Open carry outdorsman,

Crossdraw shoulder holster, Open carry

By Outlands Action Tactical's , Bravo34


Fits S&W V-Comp N-Frame 629 44 Mag 6 Shot 4”BBL Leather Shoulder Holster #1463#
For S&w 29 & 629 44 Magnum 8 3/8
With Ammo Pouch
- Rh - S&w N-frame 44 W/5

Custom H&J Leather Shoulder Holster

By H&J Leather / Galco


44 Mag Shoulder Holster

The 44 mag shoulder holster for the sw 29 is a splendid surrogate for carrying your firearms, it is manufactured from premium leather and features a large browning logo. The holster comes with a dbl speedloader pouch and pouch for your firearms, this holster is first-class for carrying with you on the go. This shoulder holster for the taurus 44 Magnum is top-of-the-heap for carrying any ammo you need on the job or while you're playing music outside, the holster extends a large 38 caliber barrel with a bright red color, and is manufactured from durable materials like leather and cloth. It is moreover comfortable to wear, and includes an ammo pouch for your ammunition, this should help you keep your gun safe and basic to carry. This shoulder holster for the ruger 44 mag features a vertical pouch for security and the holster also includes dadoes and magnets to keep your shoulder bag secure, this holster is fabricated of durable materials and will make your life much easier. This shoulder holster is a sterling solution for folks with large body types who yearn to keep their firearm unsightly, it features a two-piece, adjustable, padded shoulder holster with room to store your holster and other items within. This holster is fabricated from google gun rulings and is fabricated to look like a natural part of your body.