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Shoulder Holster 6 Inch Revolver

The shoulder holster for your large revolver is the perfect way to protect yourself from thieves and radicals. This model comes with a 6 inch barrel and features to hold your gun close to your shoulder.

Shoulder Holster For 6 Inch Revolver

If you're looking for a shoulder holster for a 6 inch revolver, then the perfect choice for you is theperfectly placedload. We understand that not everyone is familiar with the 6 inch revolver, so we wanted to make a holster that would be comfortable and efficient. the perfectly placed holster for the 6 inch revolver includes a comfortable neoprene bag gorget, designed to make carrying your gun more comfortable and efficient. we hope this helps you choose the perfect shoulder holster for your 6 inch revolver.

Shoulder Holster 6 Inch Revolver Ebay

This shoulder holster is made of leather and is belt- height heighttall. It has a zip-up design and is fit for the sr4 leather revolver 4" barrel. The holster has two zips along the top for movement and storage, and features a comfortable fit for the revolver. This holster is available in black and red. this shoulder holster is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to carry their revolver in a more professional or everyday setting. It is made from high quality nylon material and is fit for a 6 in a hip holster on the right side. The 8 inch size is perfect for anyone from small to large body types. This particular one is black, but is available in other colors and sizes. this shoulder holster for a 6 inch revolver is perfect for anyone who wants protection without getting in the way. The bandolier holster fits anyone with a 6 or 8 inch revolver, and is made from black leather to look like a bulldog. The kodra nylon hip holster is size 8 and comes with a 6 inch black right 8108-1. This holster is perfect for a right arms carry or for carrying on the sides of cars.