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Shoulder Holster For 357 Magnum Revolver

This shoulder holster for the 357 magnum revolver is made of durable leather and has a comfortable fit. It can protect your shoulder fromtanline contact with the ground.

Shoulder Holster For Smith And Wesson 357 Revolver

There are many different types of shoulder holster for firearms, but our smith and wesson 357 revolver shoulder holster is the best option for those looking for a simple, yet reliable solution. It accommodates the firearm and the user's shoulder, while keeping the gun safe and secure. Order yours today!

Shoulder Holster For 357 Magnum 6 Inch Barrel

This shoulder holster for the 357 magnum series muzzle loaders offers vertical protection against outsidemberg and dusty conditions. The holster is made of heavy weight fabric and has a comfortable fit. It also has an secret compartment for storing your gun keys, or other important items. The shoulder holster is also small enough to fit in a carry bag. It has a sturdy build and is made of durable materials. The holster has a stylish design and is made to leave your wallet and jewels at home. This holster also features a vertical holster feature, making it easy to do a great job with one hand. It is made from expensive-looking materials, including high-quality leather. The holster also has a built-in mag well and is easy to close and keep safe. This holster is sure to make your weapon safe and comfortable to carry.