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Shoulder Holster For Ruger Blackhawk 357

This shoulder holster For Ruger black hawk 357 mag is produced to protect your pistol while you are playing poker, the triggers are protected by 1457 trigger guards, making them easiest to open and closed again. The Ruger pistols are powered by the Blackhawk line of shotguns, so you can rest assured that your gun is safe and sound.

Ruger Super Blackhawk Shoulder Holster

This Ruger super Blackhawk holster For the is an unequaled alternative to keep your pistol arm free of mud, sand and other debris when you need to carry a gun outside, the belt holster is additionally outstanding For expansive draw checks or For carrying on the go. This shoulder holster For is fabricated of durable leather and presents a strong closure system, it is unrivalled For carrying on the front or in the back. The holster also extends a system that helps keep your pepper spray safe, our shoulder holster For Ruger black hawk 4145 colt 357 mag 4. 6 bbl-round trigger guards 1457 offers an outstanding fit For your weapon, the guards provide a secure fit and protect your gun from being able to move around. This shoulder holster For Ruger super Blackhawk is produced of durable materials and first-class For holding your gun close to your shoulder, the holster imparts a spacious design For holding your gun without having to carry around a large bag. The trigger guard is furthermore very important For keeping your gun from becoming accessible, this shoulder holster also comes with 1457 colt 357 mags, making it valuable For many different types of guns.