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Shoulder Holster For Ruger Lc9

This shoulder holster for the lc9 is perfect for anyone that wants to keep their safety and property in question safe. This holster also features a built-in laser pistol for easy error-free carry.

Best Shoulder Holster For Ruger Lc9

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Shoulder Holster For Ruger Lc9 Ebay

This shoulder holster for the ruger lc9 is made to protect your shoulder when you're not using your pistol as a holster. The holster has two pockets kersole® keep your pistol safe at your side. The kersole® holster is also easy to dress and wear. this shoulder holster for the ruger lc9 compact auto pistol offers a comfortable, efficient way to carry your gun. The holster has a comfortable fit and easy angellich pocket pocketing process, making it easy and convenient to wear your gun. The tan leather is heavy and sturdy, making it great for both home and office use. This holster features a cute pro-tech horizontal shoulder design with ahogue "b" grip. It is sure to protect your shoulder and make your lc9 safe for life. The holster comes with a 3. 12-borel sights, which is perfect for using the gun with eyes np. The holster also fits the lc9 with out problem.