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Shoulder Holster Kimber Ultra Carry Ii

Looking for a stylish and functional Carry holster? Don't search more than the Kimber Ultra Carry Ii pro Carry shoulder holster, this holster offers beneficial features that make it a practical way for somebody wanting for info store. The Carry holster offers a horizontally projected design that makes it feel comfortable and look great, while the lh blk color style is splendid for any personality, plus, it comes with a free travel case.

Shoulder Holster Kimber Ultra Carry Ii Amazon

The Carry Ii is a shoulder holster for the 45 3 1469, it is manufactured of suede leather and grants a black finish. The holster gives a be slide, and is topped with a red, green, and yellow crimson design, this holster makes for a stylish and comfortable carrying experience. The new shoulder holster for the Kimber Ultra Carry pistol is an enticing solution for individuals who desiderate to keep their pistol in the comfort of your own home, this pouch-style holster allows for wide-ranging concealed gun carry, with its fanny pack-style bag and shoulder bag style, it makes a first rate substitute for both personal and public carry. The Kimber Ultra Carry pistol shoulder holster also comes in shoulder bag style, which is practical for on-the-go opportunities, the Kimber Ultra Carry Ii is a top-of-the-line Carry holster for your Kimber gun. It is designed to protect your gun and keep you safe when you need to Carry your gun right hand, the shoulder holster is produced of water-resistant leather and extends a comfortable fit, making it effortless to use. The holster also provides a built-in vertical design that allows you to Carry your gun comfortably, the Kimber shoulder holster for the Kimber Ultra Carry Ii is designed to keep your gun safe and comfortable. The holster imparts a comfortable, snug fit and is manufactured of durable materials to last, the Kimber shoulder holster is available in black and red.