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Taurus 605 Shoulder Holster

This shoulder holster for the Taurus 605 and 617 offers sterling features for suitors with shoulder holster needs, the holster provides a comfortable fit and makes carrying a weapon effortless and convenient. The holster also includes a revolver for emergencies.

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Right Hand Shoulder Rig Vertical

Taurus 605 Leather Gun Holster

By The Holster Store


Taurus 605 Shoulder Holster Walmart

The Taurus 605 shoulder holster is a valuable solution for people who wish to protect their firearms from this holster features dark tan leather with a black leather band to keep the pistol in place, the holster is in like manner ready to be attached to the body with a pair of screws. It is additionally made of 2-tone material that gives it a look of peaky blanding's minuscule, the holster provides a deep v-shaped carry pocket and a tight-fitting design that keeps the gun at the top of the pocket. It is moreover well made with a durable construction, the tiger 605 shoulder holster is an unrivaled concealment underarm shoulder holster for people who yearn to protect their underarms enemies. The holster renders a sturdy frame and to your pocket, making it an unequaled choice for folks who wish to avoid carpal tunnel and other underarm problems, made from high-quality materials, the holster features a simple, sleek design that is practical for carrying your firearm. The holster also includes taurus's innovative shoulder strap system, which allows you to easily and quickly keep your firearm hidden and accessed, this is again sensational for use when travelling, as it can easily hold the firearm and its ammunition.