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Upside Down Shoulder Holster

This vintage 1970 s 9 r Upside Down shoulder rig for sw chief 36 colt cobra 2, is an unrivaled accessory for your 1969-1970 9 r machine. It is fabricated of aluminum and steel, and is designed to keep your colt cobra in place while you're working, this rig is an unequaled addition to your 9 r machine, and is valuable for shoppers who enjoy to work with their guns in the.

Upside Down Shoulder Holsters

The 36 sw chief is a popular gun center in the united states, they carry a wide variety of firearms, from old to the latest in technology. If you're scouring for a gun brand that gives been around for a while, you'll want to try out their Upside Down shoulder holster, this holster allows you to wear your gun Down the line, with no worries about it getting lost or getting knocked off. The 2, 5" scale frame is Upside Down and extends a bianca color up-gradation system. It offers a new, large, comfortable fit and is enticing for the holster, the frame is conjointly an online-exclusive! This 9 r brown Down shoulder holster is a first-rate solution for the smith sw k 2. It imparts a stylish and top design, that is sure to turn a profit, this 9 r brown Down shoulder holster is valuable for enthusiasts who are wanting for a high-quality and high-performance holster. It is manufactured of the highest quality materials, and it is sure to provide satisfaction with its performance and design, this 9 r brown leather Upside Down shoulder holster rig for smith sw j 36 2. Is a top-grade way to protect your weapon when you go up against the law enforcement officials, this holster extends a comfortable and effortless to adopt design, making it great for folks who itch to carry their weapon impacted or without having to take off their shirt. The holster also features a deep v-shaped carry slot, making it basic to carry your weapon while Upside down.