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Vintage Military Shoulder Holsters

If you're looking for a stylish and functional shoulder holster for your military gun pistol, look no further than perrin leather's us military shoulder holster. This product contains a durable strap with a comfortable fit, and offers you not only an innovative and stylish way to protect your gun while on the battlefield, but also comes with a built-in straw bag for keeping your ammo cold.

Us Shoulder Holster

If you're looking for a comfortable and efficient way to carry your weapon, then you need to check out our shoulder holster. Our holster is designed to make carrying your weapon easy and comfortable. Plus, it offers a great appearance as well.

Pilot Shoulder Holster

The pilot shoulder holster is a great option for protecting your dioxide from being caught in the first place. This holster comes with a modernised/vintage look, and is made from black leather. It fit for a: us marked 1911 holster. this ww2 pilot shoulder holster is for the 1911. It isvintage bcheimer us 7791466 black holster for the 1911 and comes with a black holster. this is a great opportunity to own a vintage military shoulder holster which may be used for use in the ussr during the parade of uniforms. The holster is made out of plastic and is green in color. It has a makarov pistol fitted into the holster, and the belt is able to store other items such as a belt bag or backpack. The shoulder holster is able to fit any belt size, and is made out of plastic. It is also water resistant and can be cleaned with a basic soap and water. this brown leather military holster is made of leather from the shoulder and strap are from brown. The holster also includes a vintage look at. This holster is a great unique addition to your firearm.