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Walther Ccp Shoulder Holster

The Walther holster is dandy for the new gun holster enthusiast or the old-schoolgun holster activist, this holster comes with an 3. 54 Walther m2 3, 66 5. Provides the substitute to add a coleman or 5, shooting nylon stock. This holster is basic to install and removal, you just put the holster on your shoulder and go. The fit is outstanding and the quality is excellent.

Shoulder Holster For Walther Ccp

This shoulder holster is manufactured to protect your shoulder while carrying your Walther it features a strong, lightweight fabric that is easily keep your weapon in your shoulder while carrying, the holster also features a built-in sights system that makes it straightforward to take sights on to the front or the rear of your weapon. The Walther shoulder holster is a top-rated surrogate to keep your weapon at your side while you walk or run, this holster is manufactured to accept any Walther models, including the compound poi arms model. The holster comes with a built-in shoulder strap and a comfortable fit, this holster fits the Walther 3. 54 barrel 9 mm pistol, make sure to order it now for just $10. 99! This Walther shoulder holster is a terrific solution for a suitor wanting for an innovative and convenient carry pouch pistol holster, this holster comes with a fanny pack, seamless design, and provides excellent fit and comfort. It also comes with a daypack, which offers ample storage and access to a variety of items.