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Ww2 German Shoulder Holster

Looking for a stylish and efficient way to keep your gun close by your shoulder? Look no further than our ww2 custommade german shoulder holster! This piece is designed to help keep your gun in place and running smoothly, thanks to its stylish design and stylish materials. So why not give us a call today to learn more about this great deal?

Ww2 German Shoulder Holster Amazon

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Top 10 Ww2 German Shoulder Holster

This is a rare wwii german p38 shoulder holster for sale. It is a bringback p08ppkpp and it appears to have a ppk clip on the front and a ppr (personal firearms rights) on the back. The belt is tight and the cantle is exposing the leather, which makes it a bit of a find. The fit is good as well. This holster is in excellent condition and is available for $100. this is a vintage ww2 world war two gi holster for a small german auto. It is made ofylon and has a blue and yellow-colored cloth fabric. The side of the holster has a "ww2 gibraltar" logo on it. The back of the holster has "brave new world" written on it. This holster is perfect for your purchase. this is a slanted shoulder leather holster that was designed to help protect your german mauser broomhandle from harm. The holster has a dark leather exterior and is slanted to slant lighten protection. The holster also includes a needlenose feldwebel shoulder holster, perfect for carrying your feldwebel mauser broomhandle around your home or office. the ww2 german shoulder holster is slanted for easier holstering. The holster also has a leather lining to protect the wood grain capital n model mauser. This is a great holster for the more experienced german soldier.