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Beretta 92fs Compact Shoulder Holster

This Beretta 92 fs Compact holster is an unequaled solution for lovers who itch for the convenience of leather but the protection of a fabric shoulder holster, it features a comfortable suede leather design and an easy-to-use 9 making it an unequaled substitute for on-the-go users. The suede leather design means that it can be ove your head or around your chest, while the fabric shoulder holster keeps your arms safe and comfortable.

Cheap Beretta 92fs Compact Shoulder Holster

The Beretta 92 fs Compact models with 4, 25 barrel are unequaled shoulder holster for Beretta 92 fs and other Compact models. They are our most popular and recently redesigned models, and their vertical design makes it facile to carry your gun without having to take your hand off the gun, the new design also allows you to wear the holster without taking your shirt off, so you can show your gun to your friends and family. The Beretta 92 f series carry holster is a top-rated substitute for enthusiasts with small hands, it is a comfortable, kydex-based holster made to offer support and protection. The Beretta 92 f series carry holster is fabricated to suit the standard hand size of 4, 25 inches. It features a barrel length of horizontal carry, this Beretta 92 fs Compact shoulder holster is manufactured of suede leather and features a rail for the Beretta 92 fs. It provides a small fit for the carry hand and is manufactured of durable materials, the shoulder holster also comes with a yellow style hand gun. This Beretta 92 fs shoulder holster is designed to protect your shoulder while shooting poppy guns, the holster imparts a triangular design that is based on the Beretta 92 fs's 4. 25 barrel, this holster is manufactured of durable materials that will protect your shoulder while you're shooting. The holster also includes an 420 destiny band, which will keep your weapon secure while you're away from your gun.