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Shoulder Holster

This shoulder holster for the pistol gun offers great features for those looking to protect their weapon from bandits and hunters. It is made from durable and sturdy materials, making it a great choice for those looking to carry their weapon unnoticed. The carry bag also includes a pocket away from even the most tight areas, making it easy to grab your weapon when you need to.

Shoulder Holsters

If you're looking for a shoulder holster that will let you carry your gun without taking off your shirt, you'll want to check out our new223 model. This one comes with a security latch and clamps to keep the gun secure while you're not need it.

Gun Shoulder Holster

This faux leather holster is perfect for a gun or a mag in a concealment areas. It is made from genuine leather and has a hard-shell texture for protection. It is also comfortable to wear and comes with a v-shaped clip for easy storage. this gun shoulder holster for a tactical concealed carry pistol offers you a way to keep your gun safe and protected on the go. This holster comes in different colors and styles to fit your needs. You can wear it with a left-handedness or a right-handedness when carrying your gun. The holster also comes with a pouch to store your gun and louboutin bullets. this shoulder holster has been designed to help reduce concealment and on-the-fly gun use. This product has a comfortable fit and an easy-to-use menu of features, making it an easy way to protect your gear. The double magazine pouch allows for extra capacity to store more ammunition, which is perfect for when you need to take your gun to a meeting or take a walk around the city. the shoulders of many rifle hunters are often where the action is and that is where the shoulder holster strap fit is most likely to be found. This somehow seems to make it easier or more difficult to carry your weapon the older you get, especially if the straps are old and not well made. Not only that, but it's likely that the strap is not well designed or made to fit the specific needs of the rifle hunter. The shoulder holster strap is not good for carry when you are carrying a rifle, it is bad when you are not. Plus, it's not very long enough to get around the front of the rifle, so it's not going to be where you want it to be.