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Neoprene Shoulder Holster

The Neoprene shoulder holster is a terrific solution for an admirer that wants a concealable carry substitute and the look and feel of an old school holster, this holster comes in two types, adjustable to tailor different body shapes, and comes with a kangaroo paw design. It is unrivalled for the everyday carry needed to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Pouch For Right/left
Concealed Carry Gun Holster Walther Ruger Xd Glock Pistol  Tan
Walther Glock Xd Pistol Shoulder Holster Multicam

Praetorian Vertical Shoulder Holster

The praetorian holster is produced to carry your praetorian inspired by the use of a black fabric over your left bicep to have a v-shaped the hft is bolted to your back with black american-made bronze rivets, the hft is also in two positions: as is common with all praetorian holsters, the v-shaped becomes a single strap, or it is equipped with a built-in shoulder belt that sheeting over the entire width of your shoulder. This holster also features a built-inelected checkerboard rack to store your praetorian magazines, the final product is comfortable to wear and makes you feel like a powerful military officer or army general. This praetorian shoulder holster is designed to keep you safe and secure when carrying a firearm, it includes a powerful info to keep your firearm safe and secure, while a rain cover to protect your skin when in the rain. This Neoprene shoulder holster is fantastic for carrying a handgun or ammunition in the open carry area, it is comfortable to wear and can be attached to your body using the straps. This holster also comes with a pouch for your gun or ammunition, this holster is basic to operate and is top-quality for carry with or without clothing. It is fabricated of durable Neoprene and features a comfortable strap to keep your gun safe and comfortable, this holster is conjointly exceptional for carrying your gun in the correct position in your hand.