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Ruger P95 Shoulder Holster

This excellent shoulder holster for the Ruger and Ruger P95 pistols features a dbl mag pouch and a stylish design, it comes with a score of features, including a non-slip grip, adjustable waist belt clip, and a built-in pistol grip.

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For Ruger P-95

Shoulder holster for Ruger P-95

By Pro-Tech Outdoors


Ruger P95 Shoulder Holster Walmart

This gun shoulder holster for the Ruger P95 with laser is produced with a single mag pouch for the gun and your additional mags, this holster also gives a comfortable, warner-style fit and is produced to protect your shoulder while you're flying. This Ruger p-93 p-95 sr40 sr9 should also be used as a fashion accessory, it comes with a double mag pouch and a shoulder holster. The Ruger P95 shoulder holster is excellent for reference purposes, this holster is fabricated of durable materials that will ensure that your Ruger sr9 P95 sr9 stays in place. This holster also comes with a built-in mag well and facile to follow controls, this is an enticing gun holster for the p95. It is a comfortable, high-quality holster that you can use to carry your gun anywhere you go, the P95 grants a lot of large and small looping channels, so you can easily take on the go what with deluxe shoulder holster is on. The P95 also doesn't have a lot of small looping channels, so shoulder holster is can easily hold any gun, the P95 also gives a lot of large loops, so it can easily hold a variety of guns. This holster is furthermore made of top-of-the-line material, so you can be sure that it will do its job properly and doesn't lose your gun over the course of a day of use.