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Shoulder Holster Kimber Micro 9

This shoulder holster for the Kimber Micro 9 is fabricated of leather and gives a small hole in the middle to suit his shoulder, it provides a small hole in the middle to suit his shoulder.

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Fits Kimber Micro 9 Protech Horizontal Use L Or R Hand

Deluxe Shoulder Holster fits Kimber

By Pro-Tech Outdoors


Fits Kimber Micro 9 Horizontal L Or R Carry

Two Gun Deluxe Shoulder Holster

By Pro-Tech Outdoors


Lh Rh For Kimber Micro Carry 9
Right Hand Shoulder Rig Vertical

Kimber Micro Carry 9 Leather

By The Holster Store


Shoulder Holster Kimber Micro 9 Ebay

This shoulder holster is for the 9 mm right hand draw, it is horizontal and provides good clearance between the metal of the holster and your skin. The holster also includes included o-rings to tailor a most any gun, this shoulder holster is manufactured from high quality materials and renders a comfortable fit. The jj Kimber Micro 9 w ct laser grips horizontal leather shoulder rig holster is a top-grade solution for carrying your equipment in a comfortable and straightforward to carry pocket, this holster comes with awe marketing it as a best-in-class solution for the shoulder. The jj Kimber Micro 9 w ct laser grips horizontal leather shoulder rig holster is produced of 100% leather and features a black leather lookalike belt hanger, this pocket-friendly holster is unrivalled for lovers who desiderate to avoid taking their equipment with them when they leave for work or travel. This shoulder holster is manufactured of bulldog nylon and is designed to work with the Kimber Micro 9 gun, it renders a crimson trace laser sight system and a black leather cover to keep the holster simple and stylish. The shoulder holster is produced of lightweight, water resistant fabric and offers a comfortable fit, it can be worn on the body or on the holster's long arm. The holster presents a small hole in the middle to suit the kimber's shoulder blade, the holster also includes a built-in mag well and a small clip. The shoulder holster is basic to wear and makes for straightforward draws.