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Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

This holster is perfect for all pistols! Features a deep concealment design that makes it difficult for anyone to see you under your arm. Made from durable materials, this holster makes it difficult for anyone to see you under their arm.

Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

The concealment harness is my new favorite shoulder holster for my sig p365. It provides good concealment around the edge of your pocket and around your hand. The fabric is comfortable to wear and the design is stylish. I highly recommend it!

Deep Concealment Shoulder Holsters

The universal deep concealment underarm gun holster is a great way to avoid eye contact and keep your hands and weapons hidden when you need to be heard. This holster is made with an adjustable elastic concealment design to create a perfect underarmgun holster for all your concealed carry needs. this shoulder holster is perfect for universal underarm guns and pistols. It is made from deep concealment fabric that creates a comfortable fit for you. The holster also has a built-in-magazine carry handle and a built-in-night sights. This holster is also easy to set up and is perfect for use in on-the-go. the deep concealment shoulder holster for ruger taurus g2cg3c is the perfect underarm holster for those who want to maintain a high level of concealment while performing activities such as law enforcement or security. This holster provides this with a built-inradical hard plastic holster for an easy on-the-go life. this holster is designed to concealed carry in the open. It is made with a deep concealment system that creates a sheath like design that does not show when in use. The holster contains an underarm gun holster and a comfy shoulder carry position.