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Ruger Lcr 38 Shoulder Holster

This tan leather shoulder holster is a valuable solution for a person digging for a stylish and functional gun shoulder holster, this holster is fabricated from high-quality leather and features a tannoy design for a tan look. It is available and is exquisite for a shopper who wants to protect their gun from accidental mr.

Lh Rh For Ruger Lcr 38
Right Hand Shoulder Rig Vertical

Ruger LCR 1.875" 22 38

By The Holster Store


Ruger Lcr 38 Shoulder Holster Walmart

This 38 shoulder holster for Ruger 2 revolvers is manufactured to provide added protection when carrying a gun, the holster offers been designed to suit the s7000 and s7000 and offers a comfortable fit for you. The holster also features a gun concealment vertical shoulder holster for Ruger 2 revolvers 38 357, this Ruger holster is manufactured of high-quality leather and is designed to provide superior safety and convenience for your gun. It is available in colors such as black, red, and green and is fabricated to suit the standard searcher shoulder holster, the ruffle design will make it straightforward for you to hold your gun in the correct position, while the adjustable shoulder witnesses. This Ruger Lcr 38 shoulder holster is an exceptional solution for any 2- 2, 5 barrel small frame revolver. It extends a comfortable, chargeable feel to it and is designed to protect your shoulder while you're duty-ionalize your firearm, this Ruger Lcr 38 shoulder holster is valuable for on the hunt. It is fabricated of durable materials to provide you with excellent protection against invaders, the holster also features a built-in belt buckle to keep your belt close at hand.